Two Easy Ways to Tell It’s Truly Craft Beer!

There has been a flurry of craft breweries being bought out by the big domestic corporations. The big corporations have a strategy – they want to dilute the beer market to make it very difficult for the average consumer to be able to tell the difference between what is craft and what is not. IMG_0798They recognize there is a trend away from corporate brands in favor of local craft brands. The big domestic brands have been losing market share year-over-year and the trend shows no sign of slowing.

In order to be craft beer the brewery that brews it must meet criteria established by the Brewers Association. I will not go into the details right now, but here are the rules: Craft Brewer Defined.

Some recent and not-so-recent craft breweries acquired by the big corporations include:

  • Terrapin (acquired by SABMiller)
  • Florida Beer Co. (acquired by ANSA McCal – the people who brew Carib)
  • Hop Valley (acquired by SABMiller)
  • Ballast Point (acquired by Constellation Brands – the people who brew Corona)
  • Devil’s Backbone (acquired by AB InBev)
  • Blue Point (acquired by AB InBev)
  • Elysian (acquired by AB InBev)
  • Lagunitas (50% owned by Heineken)
  • Golden Roads (acquired by AB InBev)
  • 10 Barrel (acquired by AB InBev)
  • Goose Island (acquired by AB InBev)

As well, the big beer companies also want to dilute the “craft” market by creating their own craft beer clones such as Blue Moon brands which are owned by SABMiller and the Shock Top brands that are owned by AB InBev. There are certainly other examples as well.

The good news is, craft beer continues to grow with over 4000 craft breweries across the country today – and over 160 in North Carolina as of July 2016! Even so, only 1 in 10 beers purchased in America today are craft beer brands – that means there is a HUGE amount of market share available for craft brewers to gobble up!

However, to help steer you clear of the corporate brands and stay TRUE to craft I’m going to give you TWO EASY OPTIONS to ensure you are not buying a corporate owned beer!


If you ONLY purchase beer made by breweries based in North or South Carolina, the beer will be craft! Of all the acquisitions that have occurred over the past few years, NONE of the breweries acquired were based in North or South Carolina! So when you drink local, it stays local!!!!NCBeerPic


Purchase your beer from Carolina Beer Temple! Carolina Beer Temple only sells beers that are independently owned or are majority owned by independent breweries. We are true to craft beer at Carolina Beer Temple! And when a brewery gets acquired, we liquidate our stock and no longer carry that brand. We’re dedicated to craft and with 161 breweries in North Carolina and counting we’re confident we’ll have no problem sticking to our values in regards to supporting only craft beer brands!

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Rob Jacik

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