Temple Mojo Growler Shop Now Open (and FAQ)!

Temple_MOJO_Main2CSure we unlocked the doors two weeks ago, but a few of you may have missed it! Temple Mojo Growler Shop is NOW OPEN in the heart of downtown Matthews! We’re located at the site of Mojo Cycles (195 North Trade Street, Matthews)! The bike shop is still here, we’ve just moved a bar and growler shop into the front building while bicycle sales and repairs take place in the back building! We’re excited to be offering growlers to the southeast part of Mecklenburg county as they are a rare find in this area!

Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions:

What are your hours?

We are open six days a week 12-11PM Tuesday thru Saturday, 12-10PM on Sundays and we’re closed Monday.

Do you serve pints?

We are a full craft beer bar and growler shop. Everything we offer on tap is also available to enjoy on-site in our taproom, on our front patio or on our back patio!

How well do you fill growlers?

We take a lot of pride ensuring that growlers filled at Temple Mojo Growler Shop are filled properly to maximize freshness and longevity. For those purchasing or re-using a Temple Mojo branded growler, each growler is first chilled (this reduces foaming). All filled growlers then receive a CO2 purge which purges out the oxygen (an important step in reducing foam and in increasing the longevity of your beer). Each growler is then filled from the bottom up (this reduces foam and oxygen – increasing the longevity and freshness of your beer). And lastly each growler is quickly sealed when full.  Temple Mojo Growler Shop prides itself on providing the best growler filling experience in town!

Can I bring in my own Growler?

Yes! Growlers mojowburialfrom establishments other than our own may be brought in to be filled, however, they must be visibly clean! Growlers that are visibly dirty will be refused. Also, we will only fill growlers that are 32oz or 64oz in size.

How do I properly clean my growler?

The proper way to clean a growler is to rinse it immediately with hot water once the beer is emptied from it. Do not delay! Pour that last beer and rinse out your growler. Then let it air dry with the cap off. In fact, discard the cap, we don’t need it and we’ll replace your cap with a new one. If your forgot to rinse and air dry your growler, do NOT use dish soap to clean your growler. Soap leaves a residue that can negatively impact the flavor of your beer. The best option is to use sanitizer such as B-Brite or 1-Step from a home brew supply shop! Or use very hot water, followed by a rinse of salt water! Above all else, remember, do NOT use dish soap to clean your growlers and always let them air dry (do not recap them)!

How long will my growler last?

Growler fills are intended to be consumed soon! Within 24 hours of the growler fill is preferred. However, due to the lengths we go to fill growlers using chilled glass, a CO2 purge and filling from the bottom your growler should remain fresh and carbonated for a week or longer! However, once you open that growler you are committed! You cannot reseal a growler and expect it to last overnight. It will go flat due to the amount of oxygen that the beer will be exposed to. When you open a growler, be committed to consuming it in its entirety soon!

How many taps do you have?

We have 26 taps!

What’s on Tap?

You can always view our tap list at any time on Tap Hunter. If you follow us on Tap Hunter you will be provided with updates of when our menu changes.

Our tap list will rotate. However, our focus is on fresh, local craft brews that you cannot find in bottles or cans. The majority of what we will be pouring at Temple Mojo Growler Shop will be beers you can’t take hme in any other format other than in a growler! We’re focused especially on smaller, local breweries, but we will offer options from larger breweries in the Carolina’s and occasionally from beyond!

Can I Brinmojogrowlerg Food in Like I do at Carolina Beer Temple?

Yes! Outside food is always welcome at Temple Mojo Growler Shop! As well, we have a nice relationship with Sante Fine Dining just two doors down. On the weekends they provide a custom menu for our customers that is available for take out and they are offering some fantastic offerings! Give them a call, order your food and they will call you back when it’s ready for pick up! Definitely worth stopping in to enjoy some great craft beer and some delicious food from Sante! Primavera Pizza, as they do at Carolina Beer Temple, also delivers their full menu all day with no minimum charge for our customers!

Are dogs allowed?

Unfortunately Health Department rules prohibit pets inside the building. However, dogs are welcome on either our front or back patio or in the grassy lot beside our building.

Will you be hosting bicycle rides from Temple Mojo?

Yes! We will be working closely with Mojo Cycles to schedule rides that will start and end at Temple Mojo Growler Shop! Stay tuned to our Facebook page or Mojo Cycles Facebook page for details.

Will you be hosting live music?

Nothing on the schedule yet, but yes!

We hope to see you at Temple Mojo Growler shop soon!


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