Quad Goggles has Released!

Quad GogglesOur first collaboration brew with Wooden Robot Brewery has released (actual release date was Thursday Jan 19th at the Wooden Robot Taproom)!

The beer weighs in at a hefty 12% ABV! It was brewed with local dark candi syrup – the result is a brew with a rich caramel flavor, with notes of raisin and fig. After a few sips you’ll be seeing the world through rose-colored Quad Goggles! Check out this blog post about all the fun research we did before creating this brew!

Our head brewer, David Jones, at the future Seaboard Brewery in Matthews played the biggest role among our staff assisting the guys with this brew. Knowing how good Wooden Robot’s Belgian-style dubbel is, we had complete confidence a fantastic quad was in our future!

We owe a big THANK YOU to the Dan Wade, Josh Patton and all the great guys at Wooden Robot for working with us on this brew (although they did most of the heavy lifting :))!

At 12% this brew is remarkably smooth and hides its strength surprisingly well. It may be a quad, but it drinks like a dubbel!


Where to find it?

Quad Goggles is currently available, while supplies last, at the Wooden Robot Tap Room! As well, we will be releasing it on the following days, at the following locations:

And stay tuned for an additional release of Quad Goggles at Seaboard Taproom & Wine Bar in the weeks ahead!

And we’re really curious to see how well this brew ages – so all of our locations have an extra keg that we’re tucking away for a future date!

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