Frequently Asked Questions – January 2013 Edition

Carolina Beer Temple

Q: When are you going to open?
A: We plan to open in late February or early March. There are a few major steps we need to complete before we can open. We need to get our permitting approved for the remodeling. Then we need to remodel. Then we need to get our ABC permit approved (we cannot submit this until the remodeling is done). Then we need to begin purchasing our inventory (which we cannot do until the ABC permit is granted). To stay up to date we will frequently provide posts to Facebook and Tweets on Twitter.

Q: Where exactly are you located?
A: We are in downtown Matthews near the Town Hall and Matthews Public Library. We are across the street from Beantown Tavern and one door down from The Black Chicken Wine Cellar. You can find us at 131-1C Matthews Station St. Matthews, NC 28105.

Q: Why did you choose downtown Matthews for your location?
A: When seeking out a location in the south Charlotte area we checked quite a few locations. Some shopping centers would not permit a store such as ours. Others just didn’t have the vibe we were looking for. We ended up choosing downtown Matthews for a few reasons. First, we really liked the idea of being located in a historic downtown area, we felt this environment better suited what we were after more than a common strip mall. Second, the Matthews area is devoid of craft beer stores – we felt we would be a welcome addition to the Matthews community. Third, we had the opportunity to open up nextdoor to The Black Chicken Wine Cellar. We thought our store would be a great compliment to the wine shop next door. Fourth, we began to hear very quickly how supportive the Matthews community is to businesses in the area and now that we’re well on our way we’ve learned that tales are true! The Matthews community has been fantastic! Finally, we really believe we would be able to make a great contribution to the atmosphere in Matthews Station with Beantown Tavern across the street, Black Chicken next door, Thai Taste on the corner and Royal Creperie coming soon just two doors down.

Q: Will you carry [fill in the blank] beer?
A: If the beer you are seeking is made in North Carolina we intend to carry it – we will be specializing in beers made in North Carolina. Now, not all beers made in North Carolina are distributed in Charlotte – so if you have a favorite from Asheville or the Raleigh area that isn’t being sold in Charlotte just yet, we will do our best to get the beer. In some cases we will travel across the state to various breweries to buy kegs that aren’t distributed here.

Now, for those of you with a passion for craft beers not made in North Carolina, we will also be offering a very fine selection of craft beers from around the country and around the world! If your favorite craft brew is distributed in Charlotte, we will do our best to obtain in. And when needed we will find ways to go the extra mile for our customers to obtain difficult to find beers.

Q: How many taps will you have?
A: 16 taps when we open. At least half of these will feature beers from North Carolina.

Q: Will you sell kegs?
A: Yes. You will be able to place orders in our store or online at our website.

Q: I live out of state, but would love to get my hands on some quality craft beer made in North Carolina – can you ship beer to me?
A: We are looking into this and all signs are leaning toward us shipping beer to those states where it is legal for us to do so.

Q: Will you have a patio?
A: Yes, we have a small patio out front. We hope to be able to seat about 15-20 patrons.

Q: Will you have TV?
A: We will have one television with access to Direct TV. We will feature sporting events on our television with the audio always set to mute.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: As of January 2013 we have no immediate plans to hire help. However, as our business grows we do have aspirations of hiring assistance – stay tuned.

Q: How many different beers will you have?
A: This is a tough one to answer as we haven’t fully planned our inventory yet. Looking around at other fine craft beer stores, a beer count upwards of 1,000 is not uncommon. This shall be our aspiration, but not sure exactly how many varieties of beer we will offer when we open.

Q: Will you serve food?
A: We currently do not have plans to serve food at Carolina Beer Temple, however, customers are encouraged to bring their own. As well, we aspire to having menu’s from several of the local eateries in the Matthews Station area. You can place an order with us and we will ensure your meal is delivered as you enjoy fine craft beer at Carolina Beer Temple.

Q: Will you have Wi-Fi?
A: Yes

Q: Will you have tasting events?
A: Yes! We hope to have weekly tasting events – lots of great beer to try!

Q: What will your hours be?
A: Our tentative hours are currently planned as follows:

Sunday | 12 PM – 6 PM
Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 11 AM – 8 PM
Wednesday | 11 AM – 8 PM
Thursday | 11 AM – 8 PM
Friday | 11 AM – 9 PM
Saturday | 11 AM – 9 PM

We intend to expand our hours as our business grows.

Q: Do you have a website?
A: Yes – however, as of mid-January the site is still under construction. Our official web site will be And we will continue to blog right here at

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