Matthews Location Moving & Merging

Carolina Beer Temple is
Moving & Merging with Temple Mojo Growler Shop

February 2020

Our lease is up at the original Carolina Beer Temple location in Matthews and we’re excited to announce it is time for the next phase for the Carolina Beer Temple business. Saturday, February 8th will be our last day at our original location. After that the team and the business will be merging with the Temple Mojo Growler Shop business.


Best of the Best

As part of our merger of the two businesses, we are excited that we will be getting the best of the best. Carolina Beer Temple will now be housed in a historic downtown building (that actually looks like a Temple), we will be keeping the best weekly & annual events that Temple Mojo hosts and the best weekly & annual events that Carolina Beer Temple hosts and hosting them all in the same building. We’ll have the best elements of the tap lists at each location and we will have retail, growlers fills and crowler fills!


Will it be called Temple Mojo or Carolina Beer Temple?

We will be keeping the Carolina Beer Temple name, with new signage on the building. The Temple Mojo brand will go away, but we’ll still keep it around on glassware, t-shirts and other swag for posterity reasons.

Retail Selection?

We will be adding shelves and coolers to the existing Temple Mojo space to bring in our curated craft beer and Belgian ale selection to the Temple Mojo building. Believe it or not, the addition of coolers and shelving will have a minimal impact on the seating capacity and vibe of the Temple Mojo space as we are currently underutilizing the Mojo space today.

Are you still going to fill growlers?

Absolutely! But now the tap list will expand to include some Belgian and other international selections that were often only found at Carolina Beer Temple.

Are you still going to offer Wine by the Glass?

Yes! In fact almost the entire Temple Mojo business model  stays the same – growler and crowler fills, wine-by-the-glass, coffee, snack scoops etc…we’re just bringing in the Carolina Beer Temple retail selection and changing the tap list up a bit.

What Goes Away?

Due to new space constraints we will no longer be able to host live music inside the building. Instead we will be offering live music on the event lawn during the warmer months.

What Stays?

Several of our weekly events will stay and others will be brought into the building as part of the merger. This includes:

Mondays | Game Nights with Rebel Base
Tuesdays | Beer Temple Run Club & Growler/Crowler specials
Wednesdays | Yoga on the Lawn (seasonal)
Thursdays | Tap Takeovers
Fridays | Food Trucks plus Live music in warmer months
Saturdays | Mojo Runners Run Club

Into the future…

We are also excited to say that this is just the first step in a much bigger and longer term vision for Carolina Beer Temple. Down the road a little bit we have big plans to expand into a brand new building on the property. Details on this will emerge in the months ahead.

Celebrate with us – Saturday, Feb 8th

Pay your last respects and offer your last libations to the location that started it all! We’re hosting a moving party! ALL retail will be 25% off – the more we sell the less we have to move! There will be draft beer specials all day and some of the items in the shop will be for sale – including shelving and other items.

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