Now, more than ever, please Support Local!

We’re all in this together! I know we’re all scrambling to determine how we will survive financially over the next few weeks. Yes, businesses are already planning to shut their doors and not return! So many industries are impacted – but bars, breweries & restaurants will certainly be some of the hardest hit. If there was ever a time to support local and drink localnow is the time!

Remember, businesses like Harris Teeter & Publix are going to crush it during times like this. They are certainly not taking advantage of the situation – they are just in an industry that customers flock to in times of crisis. With that said, please consider which goods you can purchase at a small business, instead of the big box stores – and make the effort to do so.

Yes, our local grocery stores provide an extensive beer and wine selection. However, many businesses around town provide these products too and desperately need your patronage way more than the grocery stores do! Please support Carolina Beer Temple, Seaboard Taproom & Wine Bar, The Black Chicken Market, Vintner Wine Market, The Common Market and others around town when considering your craft beer and wine purchases!

As well, consider smaller markets around town for produce, meats & fish and just about any other item that a small business you know provides. Every dollar spent at a small business will help keep them operating.

And while everyone is trying to keep expenses down – please consider take-out options from local restaurants instead of making a meal at home. Many of them are providing specials too! Our good friends at the Exchange Pizza Depot are offering $10 pizzas (unlimited toppings)! In downtown Matthews I know The Portrait Gallery, Moe’s Original BBQ, the Loyalist, Pizza Peel, Mac’s Speedshop and others are providing to-go and delivery options as well!

And please support your local breweries at this time. Not only are their taprooms closed, but every bar & restaurant they sell to will not be purchasing their products any time soon! Imagine the impact of that! Now is the time to spend your hard earned dollars on local craft beer options! Please visit our Carolina Beer Temple locations or your local bottle shop to purchase 4pks and 6pks of local craft brews. These are our specialty! And we have them in stock! And intend to keep them in stock in the days ahead.

As some of you know, I am heavily involved in networking groups around the area including the Matthews Chamber of Commerce, the Arrowood Business Association, and Business Leaders of Charlotte, plus the Red Brick Partnership. Many of my dear friends around town are planning to declare bankruptcy and close their businesses. Any and all support you can provide to small businesses may be the difference between survival and bankruptcy! 

We are in this together! We will survive this together!

Rob Jacik

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