Eel River Bomber Flights today (3/4) at Carolina Beer Temple!

Join us today for Eel River Brewery bomber flights for only $7!

Eel River Beers

Eel River Bomber Flights

Eel River Brewing Company out of Fortuna, California brews award certified winning organic beers using renewable energy!

Today’s flights will featuring the following award winning beers (all descriptions coming directly from the Eel River website):

  • Eel River IPA (7.2%) – English-style IPA. Brewed with the finest organic malts and hops, this IPA features a bright-minted copper color with a crisp, yet smooth hop bitterness taste. A malty caramel sweetness is balanced with an agressively clean burst of fresh hop flavor in the middle palate without lingering bitter astringency. A strong floral and citrus character from generous dry hopping blends with strawberry esters from our house yeast strain for an inviting and satiating aroma.
  • Eel River Porter (5.8%) – This certified organic Porter uses a complex blend of five malts that compliment and highlight one another in a harmonious mixture. While decidedly in the robust porter category, Eel River Brewing Company’s Porter has none of the harsh characteristics often associated with dark ales. Instead, you find a rich, smooth beer with suggestions of chocolate and just a hint of coffee. So smooth and malty, this porter will convert even the non-dark-beer drinker.
  • Eel River Triple Exaltation Strong Ale (9.7%) – Traditionally, Old Ales are an English style of dark, rich and sweet ale, typically with flavors of soft currant fruit and blackstrap molasses. While Old Ales typically have IBUs (bitterness) of 30-65, Eel River Brewing put their own spin on the style by adding extra hops to ramp up the IBUs to 80
  • Eel River Raven’s Eye Imperial Stout (9.5%) – A rich, roasty brew with a deep espresso character, this Russian Imperial Stout is strong, yet incredibly smooth. Originally brewed for the Imperial Court in Russia, this style stout is a warm festive drink made with the cold Russian winters in mind.

Join us today for this unique opportunity to sample 4 Eel River beers! A flight consists of 5 ounces each of the above four beers! Cheers!

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