Wow! 1 Year in Business

Today, May 10th, we are celebrating Carolina Beer Temple’s first full year in business!

A year ago we couldn’t wait to get the doors open. We were scrambling to buy furniture, to stock shelves, to put decorations on the wall and mount a tv. We scrambled and we did it! Our first night was cash only since our credit card readers had not arrived! We featured 12 beers from North Carolina (including 1 each from the 4 breweries open in Charlotte at the time) and 4 Belgian Ales! Our night was a success!

A wonderful year has passed! We’ve met countless customers and made many, many friends! The Town of Matthews has welcomed us with open arms and let us know again and again how thankful they are we are here! We are honored to be part of such a wonderful community!

People ask again and again what it is we think is the cause of our success. There is no one thing – there are so many things we can point to including: Our amazing customers who are the best marketing tool anyone could ever ask for. Our wonderful staff who often can’t believe they’re actually getting paid to have fun! Our incredible neighbors such as Royal Cafe & Creperie, Moe’s Original BBQ, The Black Chicken, Primavera Pizza and others who have supported us and we them along the way. The fantastic breweries of Charlotte and the rest of North Carolina! The Matthews Chamber of Commerce. The Carolina Trade Exchange. And so many more!

When asked – are we satisfied where we are today compared to where we thought we’d be? On the one hand, we’ve been blown away by the amazing support we’ve received. No one can ever be too sure if a business is going to succeed or flop out the gate – but we were confident we’d be in a good place in a year and we are! On the other hand, I can’t help but think of the countless opportunities that we’ve yet to seize, so on that front I thought we’d be further along than we are, but the great news is – the road ahead is full of opportunities!

This year has been a wonderful learning experience and it is so hard to believe how quickly it has gone by – there is so much more to learn, so many opportunities to seize, so many more great beers to introduce to Matthews!

We look forward to the years ahead and could never express enough gratitude to convey how truly thankful we are for each and every one of our wonderful customers!

Thank You!


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