Now Open! (Flood Update)

Thankfully the Beer Gods are smiling down upon us and the beer shall flow sooner rather than later at Carolina Beer Temple starting tomorrow (7/17)!

The flood waters receded fairly quickly last night. We pushed all of the water out and managed to mop and dry the floors (kept fans running all night).

Most electronics were spared and all of inventory was pretty much fine (lost a few cardboard six pack holders, but that was all as far as inventory)! We spent the entire day cleaning up the mud and junk that came in with the flood waters and the place looks almost as good as the day we opened!

Join us for our Sierra Nevada Tap Takeover on Thursday (7/17)! We will be featuring 5 Sierra Nevada beers on tap! Flights and discounted drafts available all day!




As of July 16th, Carolina Beer Temple is closed until further notice due to flooding!

The town of Matthews was hit with a powerful storm Tuesday afternoon about 5:30. As several customers and I watched the flood waters rise out front we were amazed that the waters began to cover the sidewalk. However, the bigger surprise was out back as water began to flood in from the back door. The water was apparently so high out back that water was flooding into the store through every crevice it could find.

As water from the back alley spilled in, the waters out front got higher and higher until the water was 2-3″ deep at the door and much deeper further out – the patio, sidewalk and parking area completely submerged!

Here are a few pics to show the degree of the damage sustained!

Flood Waters Rising

Flood Waters Rising

Flood Water Near Highest Point

Flood Water Near Highest Point

Flood Inside

Flood inside

Then the Muddy Waters flowed in

Then the Muddy Waters flowed in


The waters that flooded in from the back met the waters that flooded in from the front! The ENTIRE store was under at least 1 inch or more of water at one point!

Thank goodness the rain finally stopped and the waters receded. With the help of some great folks like Ed Balcerzak, Andy Puchalski, Russ Conrad, Will Baim and others we were able to sweep much of the water out and clean up a bit…however, insurance adjuster arrives tomorrow along with the landlord. We’re not sure when we will be back up and running – hopefully much sooner than later!

Also Note – all of the businesses on the first floor of my building were also impacted including Subway, The Black Chicken, Salon 131, Royal Cafe & Creperie and Thai Taste! At this point in time I do not have a status for these businesses.

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