The Flood Response! We are very Grateful!

I am humbled, overjoyed and eternally grateful for the amazing response we received when word got out about the flood last week!

I must say that when I was standing in 3″ of water – which covered the store floor from front to back – I was thinking the absolute worst. The waters continued to rise and I was powerless to do anything about it! I glanced around at everything made of wood and anything electrical that sat on the floor and began to wonder how long it would be to replace it all if the waters did not recede soon! Shelves, the glass washer, tables, chairs, the bar, a refrigerator, the walls and more may all need to be replaced!

Thankfully the rains stopped. Then customers began to arrive and we were pushing the water out with brooms! Then others arrived to help out! Then TXT messages were flying and more people were showing up to help and to bring fans to dry the shop! It didn’t take long to clear out the water – then the cleanup began. The flood bought in a fair amount of mud, thereby leaving behind a grimy layer of silt that covered everything that stood up to 3″ tall!

Meanwhile, the outpouring of support was overwhelming and delightful! We are so very grateful to have such wonderful customers and I am incredibly thankful for each and every offer of help, each and every kind word, each and every expression of concern! Thank you Carolina Beer Temple customers!

Thankfully our doors were back open much quicker than anticipated and things are back to normal! Thank you for all of your help and kind words and thank you for making Carolina Beer Temple “your” Beer Temple!


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