Our Beer Selection

At both Carolina Beer Temple locations you can always expect to find a fantastic selection of American-made craft beers and the finest Belgian Ales!

Each Carolina Beer Temple location strives to offer a continuously evolving inventory of excellent and hard-to-find craft beers from across North Carolina, Belgium and the United States. Upon each visit, you are sure to spot something new. We are also fiercely dedicated to beers brewed by independently owned breweries – you will not find corporately owned brands on our shelves or on our tap list.

In Matthews, our draft list features 26 constantly rotating taps, with taps dedicated to Belgian ales, and cider! Our beer menu changes almost every day, as new beers replace depleted ones.

In Charlotte, we have 30 constantly rotating taps. Just like our Matthews location, our tap list changes every day!

Draft Menu

Expect changes in our menu daily. Our tap list changes often so we can offer you a unique beer on every visit!

Check out our Tap List on UnTappd – Matthews location

Check out our Tap List on UnTappd – Charlotte location

Retail Beer Selection

Our inventory constantly changes, and new breweries are frequently introduced to our selection. We specialize in rare and hard-to-find brews from the Carolinas, from across the country and from around the world. Stop in regularly and you are bound to see new offerings on every visit.

Check out our Retail Beer Selection on UnTappd – Matthews location

Check out our Retail Beer Selection on UnTappd – Charlotte location

Additional items

In addition to a great selection of craft beers and Belgian ales, Carolina beer Temple offers a fine selection of meads, a small selection of ciders and many beers imported from countries other than Belgium. As well, our selection of glassware, t-shirts and more make great gifts.

We also offer gift certificates in any amount desired.